Meet the crew

Dave Keogh 

Dave has been a professional writer for over 25 years and has worked in the advertising/marketing industry for two decades with time spent at major agencies including McCann Erickson and Ogilvy & Mather. He's won many domestic and international awards as a writer. He is also a former music journo, agent, band manager, venue booker and record company publicist.

Music has played a major part in Dave's life... certainly from the time he stood just beyond a rain-soaked, windswept tarmac as an awe-struck eight-year old, watching The Beatles disembark from their TAA Flight. He still remembers George's umbrella turning inside out as the group was drowned by both rain and the screams of thousands of adoring fans. As Manager of The Clones, David toured Australia regularly in the early '80s supporting the likes of Mental As Anything and Dragon.


Sofia Solari


A new member of the Perfect Pitch team, Sofia comes to us all the way from Argentina.

There she worked in a marketing agency that was completely immersed in the Music Industry covering Artist Management, Event Management and 360 degree marketing campaigns. She’s helped organise tours for the likes of Ricky Martin to play 60,000 seat stadiums and also linked brands like Coke and L.G. to tours of schools in regional areas by emerging artists.

At all times, Sofia’s job was to develop tailored marketing strategies linking music and entertainment to a brand or sponsor.


Anna Cosio 

Anna has worked in the specialised field of Direct and Database Marketing for over a decade and is recognised as one of the real experts in the discipline, Australia-wide.

Anna has qualifications from both the Australian Direct Marketing Association and the U.S. Database Marketing Institute and is also a published columnist on the subject. At a time when the explosive growth of digital music and online retailers together with fast Internet connections are combining to reshape the music industry in new and exciting ways, there is one thing that hasn't changed... without a fan base, no artiste can have a career in music. Anna's expertise helps our clients to build and maintain ongoing relationships with the fans that see their gigs and buy their music and merchandise.


Lauren Langman


When Lauren first knocked on our door, we thought Superman's first love interest was applying for a job… but now we know we’ve hired Supergirl herself!

Lauren has a strong marketing background, working on some of the leading brands in both Australia and New Zealand. Lauren's key strength is her ability to see the bigger picture inherent in every brief. She's a great 'start to finish' Project Manager and understands how a music strategy can be delivered across all media (from traditional to digital and social).

On a personal level, Lauren is passionate about music and has a wonderful sense of altruism. She loves playing drums (only wishing she had time to practice more) and once attended 5 awesome days of Blues Fest... solo!


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