Use music to engage your audience

As traditional advertising increasingly falls on deaf ears, Perfect Pitch and Vida Marketing are helping smart brands to build profile, engage target audiences and increase customer loyalty via music - one of the great human connectors.

The old marketing rules no longer apply - throwing more money at advertising doesn't guarantee increased sales any more. Simultaneously, music has ceased to function as a mere soundtrack for ads. Smart brands are now using music as an emotive force to interactively engage their customers in a strategy that is mutually beneficial to both brands and bands.

Bands4Brands is all about helping what was once an 'unholy alliance' between music and advertising, to work to the advantage of all parties. We can help develop 'a sound for your brand' - a musical identity that could prove just as important as your logo. And we'll create a music strategy that works... a strategy that starts conversations with your various target audiences and helps turn customers into fans.

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