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Build your brand and your fans!

So you've got a band or you're a solo act... where to next? A little dazed and confused about marketing yourself?

From that first chord struck in the garage to an international stage in front of an audience of 60,000 screaming fans... there are many stages an artiste can transcend throughout a career in the music business. 'Business'... that's the key word. If you're happy writing, recording and playing songs for yourself, that's great; if you want to make a living from your music, that's something else. If you're looking for a sustainable career, you need three things: 

1. Talent - you have to be good at what you do
2. Profile - you need to build your brand (not just the band) and
3. Fans - you need to build, grow and maintain a fan base

These are the three ingredients essential to success in 'the industry'. Perfect Pitch can't help you with the first one - you either have it, or you don't - but we can help you build your brand and build your fans... that's what we do.

To make it easier for musicians at various stages of their careers looking for help with marketing, we've put together the following 'packages' of our services from which you can choose. Of course, we can do anything else you need too and quote them separately, but these will give you a good guide as to what you need, what we provide and what it will cost.

Start Me Up

This first package of our services is for musicians hitting the road for the first time and who want to look professional from Day 1. 

The 'Start Me Up' package includes:

- Introductory Meeting
- Logo Design
- Band or Artiste I.D. cards
- Press Kit & Bio

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Break On Through

Marketing music in the digital age is all about understanding the Internet and the opportunities it presents.... the different places people go to discover new music.

This package is for bands and artistes ready to take it to the next level... ready to pitch to the best managers, the top music media and the record label they'd like to be part of... ready to break on through to the other side.

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We Can Work It Out

For those musicians who've decided they really want to make music their career.

Every business needs a plan... a clear way forward that encompasses both the business side of the business and the marketing side. Without it, success usually remains a pipedream. Perfect Pitch provides you with the Strategic Marketing Plan you need.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Of course, you may already have your own web site... or other components of the above packages. 

It sounds like you're ready to shine on!

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