Image and Style review

  • Branding is about the message you send to fans and the consistency of that message across every way in which you interact with both fans and the industry.
  • Every successful artiste or band has an image. From a touch as subtle as Bono's sunglasses to Slash and his top hat, Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust outfit or the Goth image of bands like My Chemical Romance. An image that is essentially 'you' (just slightly exaggerated and larger than life) will help fans connect with who you are and what you're about.
  • Perfect Pitch will conduct a complete style and image review and make recommendations about your stage clothes and presence that will make an immediate impact on the progress of your career.

Professional photo shoot

  • The logical extension of our Image and Style Review... the realisation of your image and the message you want to convey. This becomes the content basis of all your marketing... on web sites, in media releases, on posters and merchandise.
  • Perfect Pitch works with award winning photographers to capture the true image you want to project to your fans and to the wider industry.

Web Site design and development

  • Having a MySpace page isn't enough... you must have your own web site to grab people's attention and retain it AND to collect contact details and other information from them... data that Perfect Pitch converts into marketing gold.
  • The very core of any band's success lies in building its fan base. Record labels, promoters, festival organisers, etc. are only interested in bands that can put bums on seats. Your own web site is the key to acquiring fans and building long-term relationships with them through ongoing interaction.
  • While MySpace can make you 'friends', your own web site becomes the meeting place for regular two-way communication between you and a growing band of true fans (with real bums).

    • Perfect Pitch can create a site for you that will not only make you look like a professional contender, but will enable you to interact with your fan base, collect their contact details for ongoing communication and help you convert them to advocates for your music... i.e. people who will help you do your job by happily spreading the word to their friends and family.
    • We'd also look at creating an e-Newsletter template to make regular communication with your fans and various key influencers as easy as possible for you...
    • ... and an 'e-Ad' you can use for tactical campaigns to specific segments of your target audience  

      We have the creative and technical expertise to deliver a site to match your style and image, but which is also a powerful marketing tool.


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