What's your ultimate goal as a musician?  To be 'rich and famous'... to sell out Madison Square Garden... to be a household name... or simply to make a living doing the thing you love most?

Whatever your dream, there's one critical factor that will mean the difference between forever being an 'emerging musician' and becoming an established artist... your fans!

Music marketing (in the first instance) is about attracting new fans. It's about using the right tactics to reach as many of the people most likely to love your sound as possible and introducing them to your music. Then it's about getting the converts to spread the word on your behalf.

Marketing is the key ingredient in ensuring that your music doesn't go unheard, that there's a real buzz building around you and that all your hard work isn't for nothing.

That's what music marketing is... and that's the magic in which Perfect Pitch specialises!


Indvidual services

We offer a range of services designed to help you look as professional as possible on the road to success. These include:

  • Building a Fan Base - The very core of any band's success. Learn how to grow your fan base quickly.
  • Professional Bio - Hook people in, grab their attention and tell them your story.
  • Press Kits - Look professional when contacting those bookers, promoters, radio programmers, etc
  • Branding Exercises - Consistency is key. Understand why your band is your brand
  • Style and Image Review - Understand why jeans and a t-shirt don't always cut it.
  • Online Strategies - Everything's at your fingertips but it's difficult to use a set of tools without first having a detailed plan!
  • Campaign Planning - New EP, album, world tour? Whatever you're promoting, make sure you create the buzz you desire.
  • Social Media - Ensure that you are not only saying the right things to the right people, but also that you are saying them at the right time.
  • Web Site Design - The front door to your business (and you are running a business.) Find out why MySpace alone is not enough


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